How to Convert PDF to OCR


Here are five steps to Convert PDF to OCR

Second hard-copy document when saved into PDF Format, Computer can not differentiate between the Scanned page of text and a Photograph. It will not be possible to search or select for the text on the page to copy or paste. For searching and selecting the text, we must run OCR (Optical Charactor Recognition) on the document. Though Adobe Acrobat Professional provides this function, free version of Adobe Acrobat is not useful.

However by searching the web software can be obtained to run OCR on a PDF Document.

Five Steps How to run Optical Character Recognition “OCR” on a PDF Document (Convert PDF to OCR)

1. Loading Adobe Acrobat Professional, since the OCR feature of Acrobat Professional is not available on the Web Browser plug-in, loading the actual program is necessary.

2. Load the PDF Document with text that can not be selected to copy and paste.

3. Run OCR on the PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat Professional, Click the “Document” Menu. Then select ” OCR Text Recognition”, now click on “Recognition Text using OCR”.

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4. Now you can choose OCR options. When we click “Recognition text using OCR” a new Windows will appear and asks us to select the page range on which we want to run the OCR, when we choose the number of pages to be selected for running OCR click “OK”. Now Acrobat Professional begins to Recognize the text in the selected pages of our Document.

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5.Once OCR is complete, search for the text and copy and paste the text just as we do with a PDF distilled from Microsoft Word. However OCR Technology is not perfect in recognizing some fnts like Handwriting and poorly scanned documents.

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This is the way on how you can Convert PDF to OCR.